Diagram of connecting multiple monitors via USB-C Hub.

Connecting multiple monitors to the MacBook M1 using a USB-C HUB is a solution that we especially recommend to users who frequently travel or change their work stations. Hubs are available at a good price and will help you to connect many monitors to the M1, as well as allow you to connect an SD card or a projector when the need arises.

hub configuration schema

We have found 1 hub for you that is compatible with M1 MacBooks and Mac Minis.


Allows you to connect up to 4 (1 native + 3 external 2.5K) displays with charging and USB 3.0 ports on one USB-C cable.

Easy to carry USB-C Charging Port (100 Watt) Has all ports you need

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many displays can you connect to a MacBook Pro?

    With devices listed above, you can connect up to 4 display monitors: 1 native + 3 externals via DisplayLink technology.

  • How do I connect multiple monitors to my M1 MacBook 2020?

    You have to have device that supports DisplayLink technology.

  • Why I cannot connect more than one display to my Apple M1 MacBook?

    To a surprise to many, new M1 MacBooks have hardware limitation of only 1 native display.

  • Why is my Mac not detecting displays?

    If you do have MacBook powered by M1 chip and you are trying to connect the second additional display - you are blocked by hardware limitation of new Macs.

  • I have bought required adapter / dock / hub - what do I do now?

    Refer to DisplayLink page, select your operating system and download required drivers (DisplayLink Manager).

  • How do I connect USB Type A adapter do my M1 MacBook?

    You need USB-C Multiport Adapter to do so. But If you don't have it already, we suggest considering hub or a docking station instead.

  • Is there a way to connect multiple displays to my M1 MacBook?

    Yes - it's possible BUT only with specific devices. We have listed most of compatible ones above.

  • What is DisplayLink technology?

    DisplayLink technology creates a "fake" display buffer in RAM in order to overcome hardware limitations. Refer to the official site or this great article for more information.

  • Will quality get decreased by using adapter / dock / hub?

    Overall quality is good for a daily use. There could be a slight difference between natively connected display and software accelerated one. Most of the devices can run 2.5k at 50-60 Hz - make sure to check those details directly on a product page.

  • What is a docking station?

    In short: "A docking station is a device that connects to a laptop provides additional ports for connectivity (...)" read more.